Megpies Tarts Story


We make natural, artisan tarts with quality ingredients and a lot of heart.

Megpies began as a once weekly bake sale on our stoop in Brooklyn, NY. Catering to the busy commuters on their way to the subway we baked and served scones, doughnuts and hand-pies. Hoping to find the perfect on-the-go breakfast pastry we worked to create a flaky, buttery crust that didn’t crumble when eaten. We debuted the Megpie at the Smorgasburg market in NYC in the spring of 2012. Filled with specialty jam from Anarchy in a Jar and topped with colorful icing, the Megpies were a hit and made for the perfect vehicle for getting your jam on!

Delivered to local cafés and shops in a milk crate strapped to our bicycle during the commute to our day jobs, Megpies was definitely a labor of love. In 2013 we expanded to Manhattan and many local Whole Foods locations and have been growing our local business step by step. In 2016 we took a big leap and expanded nationally!

Megpies are still available in many of the specialty shops and cafés in Brooklyn and Manhattan that we began our journey with and now they are also available in Starbucks locations nation-wide.

While the days of stoop bake sales and bike deliveries are in the past, we continue to work with the same dedication and passion that got us started.

We hope you enjoy!